Custom Memory Foam Stadium Seat Cushions

The seat cushions, with their quick open-and-close mechanism, offer unmatched convenience during events. Alongside this efficiency, we can tailor-make the cushions according to specific requirements, such as color, size, and package, allowing users to have a perfect product.

 Users won’t have to spend excessive time setting up, and the high-density foam padding ensures that this swift setup doesn’t compromise on comfort. It guarantees that attendees can fully immerse themselves in the event.

We Help You Custom The Right Outdoor Product

With our experience and different brand collaborations, Kingray conducts independent design and customization of product functions, materials and appearance, offering exceptional outdoor solution.

Product Specification


–Model No.:KRC-21
–Product name: Memory Foam Stadium Seat Cushion
–Material: 600D polyester&high density foam
–Product Size: 45x45cm
–N.W: 0.5Kg (1.1lbs)

–Color Options: Black, blue, green. Customize color is available
–Customized Options: We can make the chair according to requirements, such as color, size, and package.


*Opens and closes in seconds
*Folds away in flat for easy transportation
*High density foam paaded on seat for max comfort
*The polyester fabric is designed to be durable
*Max load: 110kg(220Ibs)



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