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The Optimal Solution for Every Outdoor Situation

We Offer What You Need, And More

Optimal functionality is a must for all outdoor products. On the path to constant innovation, Kingray adopts novel product styles that make your product selections stand out and more responsive to your needs.

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VIP Service

One-on-one customization leads to faster responses.

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Our customization is based on tendencies and usage needs.

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Well-loved Worldwide

We work with military and leading supermarkets abroad.

Providing Diverse Options, Only for Exclusivity

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Our Customization Goes Beyond Ticking Boxes

Brands & Retailers

At a low MOQ and competitive prices, our wholesale outdoor products are friendly for start-up or established brands.

Online & Offline Markets

Save your time with our dedicated customization that helps you in your sales schedules for timely production and delivery.


All wholesale outdoor products are made from certified materials and can go through any region hassle-free to meet deadlines.

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