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Screen and test of the raw materials

Incoming Material Inspection Standards

To maintain the utmost quality and consistency, we require material suppliers to submit a compliance report which we use as a reference for incoming material quality.

While different materials may require different tools for testing, we make it essential that they pass all tests before we use them in production.

We also make sure that the materials pass international standards for environmental requirements, as well as your specific preferences.

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Regulate the production techniques and assembly process

Manufacturing Process Inspection Standards

As one of China’s leading outdoor product manufacturers, Kingray upholds the highest standards throughout production.

Workers are properly trained, guided, and motivated to meet manufacturing benchmarks.

Inspectors conduct routine checks between production steps, adjusting the process to ensure we produce the proper outdoor products for your brand.

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Specify the exterior, functions and packaging requirements

Final Product Inspection Standards

Kingray is driven by a single goal: to manufacture outdoor products that meet internal quality standards and your requirements.

The combination of strict quality control standards and rigorous testing guarantees optimal performance even in harsh weather conditions.

Tests include packaging, appearance, and feature inspections conducted by experienced QC Team.

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