Wearable Sleeping Bag

Wearable sleeping bags are a great option for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay warm and comfortable while camping or hiking. T


hese innovative sleeping bags are designed to be worn like a suit, covering your entire body from head to toe. Not only do they provide excellent insulation, but they also allow for greater freedom of movement, making it easy to get up and move around without having to leave the warmth of your sleeping bag. 


Additionally, most wearable sleeping bags come with hoods that can be tightened around your face to keep out the cold air, ensuring a good night’s sleep even in the coldest temperatures. Whether you’re an avid camper, hiker, or just looking for a unique way to stay cozy on your next outdoor adventure, a wearable sleeping bag is definitely worth considering!

Kingray lightweight sleeping bag jacket integrates into military uniforms for instant, packable insulation. The water-resistant ripstop exterior retains warmth in extreme conditions. Strategically placed zippers allow quick conversion into overhead shelter.


The jacket transforms into an enclosed mummy-style sleeping bag in seconds, with foot pouches for full protection on stakeouts. Adjustable hood and cuffs seal in warmth to maintain readiness.  Minimal packed size won’t take up gear capacity. Stay deployment-ready with our integrated sleep system – immediate shelter and warmth on patrol.

There are three types of wearable sleeping bags: single-layer, double-layer, and with hand and foot protection.

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Mummy-shaped sleeping bags are generally considered the best due to their thermal efficiency and lighter weight. However, rectangular-shaped sleeping bags offer more room for movement.

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Wearable sleeping bags are designed to minimize air space inside the bag, reducing heat loss. They also cover the entire body, ensuring that all areas remain warm and not allowing any gaps for cold air to enter.

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To choose the right wearable sleeping bag based on temperature ranges, which indicates the lowest temperature at which an average person can sleep comfortably in the sleeping bag. If you plan to camp in colder weather conditions, select a sleeping bag with a lower temperature rating than the expected range. Additionally, other factors such as humidity and wind chill can also impact your warmth levels. Lastly, consider your own body heat and any additional layers of clothing or blankets you may use while sleeping.

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Double-layered wearable sleeping bags with added hand and foot protection tend to be popular due to their extra insulation and protection from harsh weather conditions.
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