Personalized Sleeping Bag

Kingray brings our signature customization to durable, tactical-grade sleeping bags for military and law enforcement. Select ripstop, waterproof, or insulated fabrics to take on demanding winter conditions through desert patrols without excess weight. Choose wide dimensions for freedom of movement or narrow mummy bags for efficient heat conservation. 

Design color combinations and markings for effective camouflage specific to your theater of operations.  

Strategically place accessory features like head insulation, weapon storage pockets, quick-access zippers and integrated bedding for rapid deployment when duty calls. Waterproof stuff sacks keep your entire customized sleep system protected in the roughest terrain.


Personalized sleeping bags are more popular because they offer higher levels of comfort and support compared to standard sleeping bags. Personalization allows customers to have a sleeping bag that is tailored to their specific needs, including size, weight, material, insulation, and overall design.

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Almost everything about personalized sleeping bags can be customized, including size, material, weight, color, temperature rating, and even additional features such as hoods, zippers, and pockets. This ensures that the sleeping bag is uniquely tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.

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Personalized sleeping bags can be used in various outdoor scenarios such as camping, hiking, backpacking, and hunting. They provide optimal warmth and protection from the elements while ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.

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Personalized sleeping bags can be used for both military and civilian purposes. Military-grade sleeping bags are designed to meet strict regulations and are often made with specialized materials to meet the needs of soldiers in extreme environments. Civilian personalized sleeping bags may be designed to suit different types of outdoor activities or personal preferences.
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Personalized sleeping bags can come in various styles, including mummy-shaped, rectangular, semi-rectangular, and hybrid models. Each type offers unique features and benefits depending on the user’s needs and preferences.
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