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Explore our range of Wholesale Stadium Seats designed to elevate the spectator experience. Stadium seats feature a variety of styles, from classic bench seats to modern, individual cushioned chairs. Each seat is crafted using high-grade, weather-resistant materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Ideal for sports arenas, concert venues, and public event spaces, Kingray stadium seats are engineered for comfort, safety, and easy maintenance. With options for customization in colors and branding, you can tailor the seating to match your venue’s unique identity.

Spend hours cheering on your team in comfort with Kingray’s stadium chairs and cushions. Our durable, eco-friendly chairs soften hard stadium seating so you can focus on the game, not discomfort.We use high-density cushioning and double reinforced stitching designed to withstand years of use.


While thin cushions lose their support over time, our chairs retain their shape and comfort.As a wholesale distributor, we pass significant savings on to you. Take advantage of our no minimum order policy and buy in bulk to save even more. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality at the lowest prices.


Stadium-style seats are durable, space-efficient seating designed for stadiums and arenas, featuring fold-up seats and tiered arrangements for good visibility and comfort during events.

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There are many types of seats for Kingray, such as Folding Stadium Seats、Reclining Stadium Chairs、Bleacher Seats with Back Suppor、Portable Padded Bleacher Seats、Portable Stadium Seats、Folding Seats for Sports.

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Kingray has various types of Wholesale Stadium Seats to meet the needs of multiple occasions, from daily life to professional stadiums.

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Factors such as the use of high-quality materials, exclusivity, comfort, and safety must be considered to ensure the long-term durability of stadium seating.

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Kingray stadium seats are a testament to the art of combining functionality with personalization. In public seating, particularly in stadiums where experiences are as varied as the spectators, Kingray has managed to carve out a niche for its seats by prioritizing individual needs and preferences.

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