Foldable Outdoor Camping Stove

Venture outdoors with the Foldable Outdoor Camping Stove at your side. This compact yet powerful stove is a backpacker’s essential. With its foldable design, packing becomes a breeze.


Despite its size, the Foldable Outdoor Camping Stove offers consistent heating, ensuring perfectly cooked meals wherever you set camp. From lakesides to forest clearings, count on this Foldable Outdoor Camping Stove for warm, delicious meals. Elevate your camping experience with unmatched convenience.

We Help You Custom The Right Outdoor Product

With our experience and different brand collaborations, Kingray conducts independent design and customization of product functions, materials and appearance, offering exceptional outdoor solution.

Product Specification

–Model No.:KRGS-02
–Product name: Foldable Outdoor Camping Stove
–Material: aluminum alloy, stainless steel
–fuel: butane gas
–Gas consumption:190g/h
–Unfold size: 275*80*105mm/Φ260*100mm
–Fold size :250*80*100mm
–N.W: 1.23Kg


–per item into a carry bag and color box, then 12pcs/ctn into a carton
–Carton size: 53x29x30cm

–Color Options: Black, blue, green. Customize color is available
–Customized Options: We can make the gas stove according to requirements, such as color, size, and package.

*Electronic ignition switch – fire can be freely adjusted to meet your cooking needs.
*Anti-leakage design – if the switch is not closed, the gas tank can not be installed.
*Alloy Stove – Stainless steel outer ring, high temperature, corrosion resistance, durable,
and the inner ring with vertical fire mouth design, windproof.
*Non-slip stove bottom – non-slip design, stable and non-shifting
*Linkage bracket – alloy manufacturing, wide, non-slip, stable, can be synchronized with the opening or
storage. Applicable pots and pans size diameter: 10-26cm.
*Automatic position locking device – when you rotate the stove to 90 degrees, it will automatically lock, making it easy to use.

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