ODM Army Sleeping Bed

Discover the unmatched quality of the ODM Army Sleeping Bag. Crafted with military precision, this sleeping bag ensures you’re well-prepared for any environment. The ODM Army Sleeping Bag provides superior insulation and comfort from high-altitude terrains to low-temperature zones.


Its rugged design embodies the durability expected from army-grade equipment, while its interior offers the warmth and coziness of home. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or part of a dedicated military unit, the ODM Army Sleeping Bag stands as your reliable companion, always ready for action.

We Help You Custom The Right Outdoor Product

With our experience and different brand collaborations, Kingray conducts independent design and customization of product functions, materials and appearance, offering exceptional outdoor solution.

Product Specification

–Model NO.:KRS-03
–Product name: Army Sleeping Bag
–Open size: 220x80x55cm
–Compact pack size: 20x20x40cm
–Outer Fabric: Water resistance 210T polyester
–Lining: 210T polyester
–Filling: 400g-300g/m2 Shaped hollow cotton
–Temperature Rating: Comfort 5°C/Extreme -5°C
–Weight: 2.0Kg
–Package: 41X56X73cm/8pcs/ctn

–Color Options: Black, blue, green, khaki. Customize color is available.
–Customized Options: We can make the sleeping bag according to requirements, such as color, size, and package.


*Water-resitance outer fabric;
*Hollow cotton insulation to keep you warm at night;
*When use it as a double sleeping bag, zippers on both sides design for easy entry and exits;
*Pillow included;
*It can be packed down to a very small size, making it easily transported and stored.

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