military cot tent
military cot tent

Military Cot Tent

This Military Mosquito Net is designed to cover a standard military cot to perfection. Keeps every buzzing, biting annoyance at a safe distance while you catch a much-needed siesta after an all-day hike through the jungle. Includes the poles! And priced well below what this kind of quality would cost you anywhere else. Jump onto this surplus deal while it lasts!

U.S. Military Issue
As seen keeping American GI’s comfortable on bivouac
Designed to cover a standard military cot measuring 6’4”x2’3”x2’10”h.
Tie loops to attach to poles
6 hanging loops
Includes 4 poles… all you need to supply is the cot

Kingray produces various military cot tent. If you are looking for a army cot tent manufacturer, you are in the right place.

Since 2010 we have been working with the military in areas such as Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Kenya, Solvenia, etc

We have 12 sets of equipment which tests various items in our outdoor folding products. These help us to meet industry standards.

With 8 assembly lines, 8 factories and over 700 employees, we are happy to guarantee that our deliveries will arrive on time


Genuine US Military issued surplus
Durable Nylon cordial fabric
Stores in an attached black bag
Fits over cot or sleeping bag
Dimensions: 17′ x 11′