How We Work


Test raw materials &

A laboratory assistant will procure raw materials for testing and preform a chemical content analysis.


Test prototype

Before production, sample engineers will perform tests on prototype samples to determine durability, static pressure durability, load-bearing ability, and other quality tests.


Test finished

After the production process, a QC inspector will perform and document strict checks on the finished goods. Photogrtttaphs will be taken to record the quality of the goods.


Test during packaging &
package quality

During the packaging process the goods will undergo a secondary quality control process before being packed into boxes, we routinely put packaged shipments through “drop tests”

Warehouse – Inspection of Raw Materials
  • Inspection of fabric: We check the quality, color and patter on the fabrics, ensure that any auxiliary materials are present, check the strength, tension and abrasion resistance of the fabrics.
  • Inspection of metal tubes: We check that the diameter, wall thickness and the quanitity of tubes are correct.

Tailoring of Fabric, Cutting of Metal Tubes
  • Tailoring of Fabric: Typesetting and tailoring is performed according to the product moulds.
  • Cutting metal tubes: All tubes are cut according to the requirements of the product structure.

Polishing And Rust Removal On The Metal Tubes
  • All rust is removed from metal tubing, and the tubes are polished towards the surface burr.

Sewing of Fabric and Process Inspection
  • Conduct sewing of the cloth cover of products, and make process inspection after sewing.

Assembly of Metal Framework
  • The metal product frames are assembled using the relevant accessories.

Assembly of Finished Products

Product Inspection
  • Every items must go through our quality control process.

Product Testing
  • All products must go thought a series of testing such as drop test, stamping test, vertical stability test, horizontal stability test etc tests to make sure products meets customers’ requirement.

  • The products are packaged and made ready for shipping according to the customers’ needs.